A Fresh Start for Clermont County!

       I am running for Clermont County Auditor in 2018. As a 4th generation Clermont County resident, I take great responsibility in representing you, the great people of our county. I am campaigning not as a politician, but as a 14-year resident of Clermont County who desires nothing but prosperity for all who reside here. 

     After 24 years in office, our current auditor has enjoyed several unopposed elections. Any consistent lack of competition often leads to complacency, and as a result, details are often overlooked. In response to intense exposure in the primary, our auditor is scrambling to make improvements. While I applaud the auditor’s brief effort, others are asking me why it took so long to simply get started?

    There is much to learn about the history of the Clermont County Auditor. I ask that you examine the issues and ask if it is time for a new generation of leaders to emerge?

     I am not an insider. I have no favors to repay. You will quickly learn of my energy, enthusiasm, and integrity. I am a fiscal conservative and my very clear focus and priorities moving forward are:

   AccuracyAccountabilityLeadership, and Transparency

·       Our county deserves Accuracy – errors lead to misappropriated funds, something that is simply unacceptable.

·       Our county deserves Accountability – once an error is identified, OWN IT and take immediate steps to correct and eliminate re-occurrence.

·       Our county deserves Leadership – fresh ideas, energy, challenging the status quo, a fresh start.

·       Our county deserves Transparency – easily accessed and understandable view of every dollar spent. Say goodbye to requiring a statistics degree to see where your money is going!

Our systems need a thorough evaluation and where necessary upgraded to the 21st century. My strong background in technology and information systems is critical to this process.

I have come to discover that it is not healthy for any government to be run by a single party, and in this way I aim to be a true arbiter of truth, transparency, and honesty for the everyday Clermont County resident. I’m committed to community and dedicated to progress.

Clermont County – Now is the time.

My Story

I currently attend Miami University in Oxford, OH as an incoming junior. My family and I have lived in Clermont County for fifteen years. I became passionate about politics after becoming disillusioned with the efforts of those on both sides of the aisle to deliver real results that made tangible
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Your Voice


With my strong technology background, I know what it takes to bring our county into the future with regards to our systems and user interface. The current system is outdated and cumbersome, which leads to inefficiency and waste, effectively costing the taxpayer even more. While this task is extremely important, it is not very difficult, which points to the inadequacy
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A voice for the taxpayer

While the Auditor does not have power over policy in the County, they can certainly work to ensure that any policy enacted by the Commissioner is fair to every citizen within the County. For too long, the current auditor has allowed policy to pass that in no way benefits those who are paying the price. I will be a nonpartisan
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The Ohio Online Checkbook (and many other reports conducted by the county auditor’s office) must be updated every fiscal year. The failure to do so by the current administration shows a lack of regard for the people they serve. I also aim to alter the format of the financial reports available online so that they may be understandable by everyone
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