I currently attend Miami University in Oxford, OH as an incoming junior. My family and I have lived in Clermont County for fifteen years. I became passionate about politics after becoming disillusioned with the efforts of those on both sides of the aisle to deliver real results that made tangible differences in the lives of the people they were supposedly serving. My main focus has been discovering how best to implement Libertarian ideas and transform them into effective policy at the local level.

I have a strong background in computer science and development, as well as fiscal policy. I am the founder and president of the Miami University College Libertarians, the owner of a successful 3D printing company, a member of the Miami University Club Basketball Team, and the host of the Cory Combs Show, a podcast that explores current events and the overall political landscape with a focus on understanding how ideas from all sides of the political spectrum come together to form policy at every level of government.